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House Call

If a patient is unable to come to our clinic one of our therapists will treat the patient at his or her home. However, the house call has to be authorized on the prescription by the treating physician. A typical case would be a bed-ridden patient or a patient with limited mobility immediately after surgery.

Please understand that we can conduct house calls only in the vicinity of our clinic. This is based on requirements of the insurance carriers who do not reimburse for travel beyond a certain radius.

During a house call we can offer the following treatments:

  • Physical therapy
  • Physical therapy on neurophysiological basis (PNF)
  • Manual lymph drainage
  • Classical massage

A house call is specified on the physician’s prescription for physical therapy.

Please note We make appointments only by phone or in person.

Opening times:
Monday - Friday:
8:00 - 18:30 clock
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Phone: 069 28 16 77
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