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Physical Therapy

The physical therapist performs an initial assessment of the patient and designs the treatment according to the impaired function, motion and activity experienced by the patient. The diagnostic, clinical, educational and manual skills of the therapist are involved in this process. The treatment may be supplemented by physical stimulation such as heat, cold, pressure, radiation and electrical impulses to increase muscular activity as well as awareness of the body by the patient. The treatment approach is tailored to the anatomical, physiological, motivational and cognitive make-up of the patient. Physical therapy targets the natural physiological processes of the body (e.g., muscular development and metabolic stimulation) as well as helping the patient to better understand the functioning of his body and taking charge of one’s body. The goal of physical therapy is to maintain, enhance or restore health which is often related to stopping or reducing pain.

Physical Therapy is a primary treatment prescribed by a physician. It can be combined with supplemental treatment methods.

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